Mostly Grey - Preview // A7R II Test Footage // Slog 2 Test Footage

A concept piece I shot and directed with a friend of mine.


The short follows a young man as he receives a call from an unknown entity that lures him into a intense encounter with.... Promo

Mike, one of the owners of commisioned me to follow his guys and capture some of the work that they do on a day to day basis. Considering that one of my first jobs ever was for a tree company many years ago this was an especially fun project to work on. These boys work hard and they pay attention to detail. I can only hope that this promo shows others that Mike and the other owner, Parker (his brother), are the real deal.

The Beautiful Game Project

Dawit from the Atlanta based regge band talks about what the Beautiful Game Project is and how futbol (soccer) has begun to change the sports scene in and around Atlanta.

Atlanta United FC - Home Opener

The home opener at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta Georgia. A small look into the incredible hype behind the record-breaking attendance behind the 3-1 victory for Atlanta over D.C United.

flow - A7rii Test Footage

The rain we've been having here in GA got me inspired to go shoot some B-roll around my house. I spend a lot of time on this porch wondering about life - so I figured I would try and make something that captures the sights and sounds of my everyday. I also just wanted to play around with some video settings and was thoroughly impressed with how great Slog2 grades in premier. 

Diamond Mats - How Its Made

The owner of Diamond Matts, Dean, contacted me about creating some marketing content for his website and social media accounts. We decided to do a little behind the scenes of how he custom makes these awesome aluminium floor mats.

Charlie Blue - 48 Hour Film Festival - Dare 2 Productions

I worked with some film students from a local Atlanta college to make this film for the 48 Hour Film Festival. I helped write the script, did the camera work and editing. I wouldn't have been able to do any of that had it not been for the rest of the incredible Dare 2 crew who was a blast to work with.

Epic Trek 3 - Sober Adventures - Travel Video

A recovery based adventure group called "Sober Adventures" hired me to come along with them on their summer trip to California and document some of the activities. Awesome trip and awesome people!

Kirkpatrick's Turf - Promo

A long time friend of mine, Kirk, asked me to come out and document this residential sod install. Back in the day I worked for Kirk and he taught me a ton about business and ensuring quality across everything you do. He is truly the best in the business.

Green Life Turf - Promo

The owner of Green Life Turf is a young guy named Anthony. He asked me to help make a short video showcasing some of the services he offers. He is obsessed with quality and has yet to lose a client because of dissatisfaction with his product.

Synapse Precision - The Prodigy - Product Promo

Caution: Highly Addicting!

These fidget toys are seriously awesome! I got to work directly with the owner/designers of Synapse Innovations to make this promo video for their marketing campaign that I helped design and implement. You can find these over at or on Amazon!

J-Phipps - Convertible Bentleys **[EXPLICIT]**

A music video for the Atlanta rapper J-Phipps. We filmed and edited this video in 3 days for one of his first mix tapes. Those fearful of colorful language can skip this one.